Our Services

Your website and email address are often the first things prospects and customers see.  And if you are doing internet order entry, your customers will connect to you through your website more than your phone, fax, or sales representative.  You must include your website, email addresses and email messaging in any thoughts about how your brand is being viewed.

Many dealers are quick to turn on the ecommerce site that comes with their computer system as their only form of website.  Then they send out email messages with the address of Joe.Smith@AOL.com.  What does that say about your company?  Tons.  It says you are old school, cheap, out of touch and unaware of today’s marketing techniques.

We want to help you make strides towards fixing your image.  The first step is to get you a website that prospects and customers can find.  It needs to tell them something about you.  And it should be your cover to your online catalog.  We can wrap it around your order entry site and make it look like one system. 

While we are working on your website, we want to get your emails working for you, not against you.  We can set up email addresses for you and your employees that tell your customers who you are.   When you send out an email from Joesmith@aol.com, you keep your customers in the dark about who you are and what company you are representing.  Joe@yourdallasofficesupply.com gives your customers a lot more information and actually helps you sell.

 After we get you to step one, we want to start gradually moving you along to other things that will enhance your brand.  Perhaps it is a more advanced website.  Add video, animation or more pages. Maybe a newsletter sent our via email.  Perhaps you want to start running some promotions.  Or maybe you need to review your complete ecommerce position and discuss how to get to the next level by expanding on the tools your system provider offer.

Afraid you can’t afford it?  We can do step one for under $100.  Ok, now go pick up the phone and call us at 817-766-7520.  Ask for Kurt and take that first step.