About Our Company

In the current technology discussions, “cloud technology” is the hottest idea in advanced software architecture that everyone is talking about.  Basically it means that everything takes place on the Internet and you connect to it via a browser from your pc, net book, mobile device/phone, etc..  You do not have to (you can if you wish) have a server in your store.  Because the internet is everywhere and is always growing, your programs hosted in the “cloud” are available to you from anywhere and are always growing as you grow.


Stratus clouds are the pretty low flying fluffy clouds that move around with the wind bringing us all kinds of weather.  Stratus Business Solutions are the attractive, powerful, yet easy to use technology solutions that are available to you, regardless of your size or situation.   These solutions will include things like web sites and email as a base.   Soon they could include hosting backups, expanded emails, and other things that make your life easier and safer. 


The good news about “Cloud technology” is that it works for the smallest business or the largest.  Let us guide you thought the stages of finding the best solutions for you.  If you do not have a website, we can get you started with our basic template option.  This will also give you email with your web address (domain name) as a part of your email address.  Once you have your basic website started, we can dress it up with all the cool tools (videos, flashing promos, new graphics, etc…) that will give your customers the image that you are technology savvy enough to take care of them.


Cloud Technology is expanding every day and we are staying on top of the options to get you the best ideas for you.  Check out our services section for solutions available today, tomorrow, and in the near future.  You can also sign up for our newsletter and receive updates on the newest products and ideas.